Known as an innovative consulting firm focusing on the brand and how the drives all  aspects of a client’s business. From marketing to public relations, to promotions and web presence. Most importantly, emphasis is on how a company brings its brand to life through its people.

More than 25 years of experience focused on helping organizations get where they need to be – on a road that’s better, smarter, more cost-effective and on strategy.

Garvey and Gramann understand the importance of defining your brand and embodying it in every aspect of your business or organization.

Garvey and Gramann have created their own strong brand, Lanikai Bath and Body, and these days you”ll find them in Kailua where they run their flagship store, or in Guam (two licensed brand stores), and sometimes on town side working with retailers carrying Lanikai Bath and Body products.

They both still do pro bono branding work, now mostly with entrepreneurs who are working to build their brands in Hawai`i.